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Why the Biggest "Myths" About May Actually Be Right

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Posted on: 12/01/18

There are at least two sides to every issue. Lets first take a look at this general list of Pros and Cons regarding this subject.


- Gives a side of sexuality that would otherwise be unattainable to those who are too socially inept or physically unattractive to ever get laid on their own.

- Gives actors/actresses, film producers, directors, writers, etc. who never got a make their blockbuster movie a chance to be on the screens and in many cases, feel accomplished; thereby adding meaning to their lives.

- Generates insane revenue thereby adding to the expansion of the economy.

- In relation to the expansion of pornographic visuals, other streams of revenue have been created - sexual paraphernalia, porn blocking software, anti-porn groups (everything costs $!!)


- Young children are losing their innocence way too early.

- Degrading to people in the films - especially the actresses; essentially this is just prostitution on film... with which some women might just be doing as a means to an end.

- Numerous psychological implications affecting both the person watching porn as well as his/her relationship(s) with their lovers.

- Could potentially become addictive and have detrimental effects to both your physical wellbeing as well as your mentality.

As noted above, there are several positive aspects of the adult industry. However, each of the points can be twisted into the opposite perspective. A guy not getting laid and watching copious amounts of porn would be too lazy to venture out of this comfort zone; porn would essentially deter him from finding a real mate. The film industry that couldn't make Hollywood and instead "settled" for porn can also perhaps attribute to a lack of drive that otherwise would have been present had the ease of doing porn had not been there. Although tonnes of revenue are generated, the flow of these funds are towards persons/organizations that are not of the most reputable kind; although they may spend portions of this money on luxuries that help fuel other business growth, most of these capital is re-invested back into the system promoting prostitution, drug abuse and other associated activities. The final point I have in my "Pros" column is perhaps the most legitimate in that porn does help promote for companies who provide sexual knickknacks used in the privacy of one's home where no one is being abused or taken advantage of.

I won't bother trying to flip the points in my "Cons" column into pros... I don't think there are any pros of having a child be exposed to porn. Sexual maturity is reached naturally and through proper education discussion whether it be at school or with parents who can carefully explain how the storks who deliver babies do not exist. However, on a clearly positive note, despite the apparent negativity, there is a positive spin-off in that porn has been shown to reduce the amount of sexual assaults in society. This makes sense in that perverted maniacs who are desperate for action are kept in check; satisfying their dark desires thereby keeping them from transpiring into reality. There are other studies that go to show that in some cultures, porn is more widely accepted and perceived differently. Many would suggest that it can be used as an aphrodisiac, self-awareness, and a resource for sexual education.

All that being said, my opinion is still that the negative effects of pornography on society as a whole overshadow the positive. In general, due to many other reasons and scientific explanations that I won't get into in this article, the porn industry has generated a twisted view on intercourse. I highly doubt in medieval times that ejaculating onto a woman's face was common practice; God/Nature (whatever you believe created us humans) would deem it a waste. It has given people (mostly men) unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, it has desensitized sexual stimulation resulting in a higher likelihood of boredom in the sac. It's a common piece of knowledge that everything life has to offer is a poison and that moderation is key. This rings especially true to the guilty pleasure of watching porno films. Like substance abuse, gambling and other addictive activities that generate a rush of adrenaline/endorphins in the brain, one of the best ways to approach your 'rehab' is to go 'cold turkey'. A porno blocking software can help you or your loved ones in this recovery abstinence process. Other exercises like meditation, physical workouts, or even classes/counseling can help with one's self-discipline. In the end that's what it's really all about - self-control.

In many of my articles, I "bust" husbands for their lack of sexual maturity, their lack of development in male/female interaction, their lack of awareness - both of themselves and of their lady, and their lack of understanding of how to create and lead a happy, affectionate, satisfying, passionate, and sexual relationship with their wife.

The fact is, until a husband purposely develops himself so that he can create this kind of relationship with a woman, he will continue to suffer in misery and unhappiness in his marriage.

The fact is, as long as a husband wants or expects his wife to be the creator of HIS happy, fulfilling relationship... as long as a guy just wishes his wife would be more sexual with him so he could be happier... well, that is how long that husband will remain in an unhappy, unfulfilling, and not-very-sexual relationship with his wife.

But today, I am going to "bust" wives. So husband, get ready to feel a bit of satisfaction as I stand up for you.

Before I start, everything that follows is based upon the typical marriage scenario created by the typical husband and the typical wife. I understand that there are exceptions and inverses to every rule... I understand that there are extremes and fringes... but what I am talking about here is the mainstream marriage of the mainstream husband and wife.

With that, here are my responses to some of the common things that wives say about their husband and porn...

#1: "As a normal wife, I cannot compete with the sexed-up girls in porn. There is no way!"

"You can't? Who said you can't? What do girls in porn have that you don't have? Take your clothes off and go stand in front of a mirror. You will find that you have exactly the same equipment as the girls in porn have. But having said that, your husband does not want you competing with the girls in porn. He wants you to enjoy sharing exactly what you have with HIM. He wants you to want him in the same way you did before the two of you got married - that's ALL he wants.

And, if you go back to that point in time, he was VERY happy with you. Why was he happy with you? Was it because you were a porn starlet? No! It was because he could see the womanly passion and sexuality in you and THAT was a big part of what he wanted to enjoy WITH you for the rest of your lives.

The fact is, at any point, ANY woman is capable of using her mind in the same sex-positive, sex-enjoying way that ALL highly sexual women do who live a satisfying life. All a woman has to do is put away the negativity, pettiness, and resentment she is focusing upon in relation to her husband.

After all, your husband IS more or less the SAME man he was BEFORE you married him... and at that point, YOU thought he was fabulous and wonderful... or you wouldn't have married him! So, get back to thinking the same way about your husband NOW as you did then and watch how the happiness in your marriage blossoms... both for YOU and your husband... and notice in particular how the porn thing becomes a complete non-issue.

#2: "Knowing that my husband watches porn leaves me feeling emotionally abandoned

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