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Howdoo Search for Student Activist of the Year 2019

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Posted on: 02/05/19

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

Martin Luther King

Whether it is gazing down the face of advancing tanks in Tiananmen Square, protesting versus partition, apartheid, nazism and communism in Greensboro, Soweto, Munich, and Czechoslovakia respectively, students have, throughout history, been the instigators of modification and at the heart of revolutions, both in multitudes however likewise as people.

Nevertheless, trainees are not merely activists. They are artists, performers, researchers, professional athletes, thought leaders and dreamers. It is a well versed cliche, but the trainees of today are the leaders of tomorrow and Howdoo wants them to be at the heart of our Social network Revolution.

We desire them to see Howdoo as a place where they have the flexibility to reveal themselves and their ideas without censorship. To see Howdoo as a location where their content and imagination can make them a typically much required top as much as their trainee financial resources and as an alternative to the Facebook owned domains that they are deserting in numbers.

With 18% these days's students owning cryptocurrencies, we identify that students can and will play an integral function in the development and development of Howdoo and in the lead as much as our public launch, Howdoo wishes to show our own support for student activists around the world.

Recently, Malala Yousafzai and Emma Gonzalaz have been 2 inspirational and galvanising campaigners who have actually captured our hearts and whose messages website have inspired a generation, however in every university and location of study throughout the world, there are student activists fighting for equality, liberty, financial opportunity and for political ideologies.

And this year, we want you to think about and choose the trainees in your universities, colleges and schools that you think are making a distinction and making the world a much better location.

There will be a prize pool of $20,000 in udoos (the Howdoo crypto-token pegged at 4 cents) that will be granted to the leading student activists. The winner will get 250,000 udoos and two runner ups will get 125,000 udoos each.

In celebration of the anniversary of the Greensboro Sit In, we will release complete details on Feb 1st, but till then we ask you to consider who you feel deserves our support and to share this competition within your instructional facilities.

With over 46,000 signed up currently and the Beta platform being checked by 2500, Howdoo is going to change social media and we desire you to join us and help us form social media for the better.

Sign up with the #SocialMediaRevolution and register your unique username.